TileREX - Remove or Replace Tiles

The new TileREX™ suspended ceiling tile removal tool can remove or replace tiles, for recycling and tile replacement making your next ceiling tile job safer and faster, with no materials added to landfills…

  • No disposal costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced clean -up and risk
  • Helps with LEED points!
  • No materials added to landfills
  • Watch the tool in action!

In 1999, Armstrong Ceilings introduced the industry’s first ceiling recycling program. Armstrong’s program requires that the contractor palletize their ceiling tiles – and in most cases tiles that are removed break into pieces making it nearly impossible. The TileREX tool was designed to solve this problem! TileREX™ can not only remove the ceiling tiles from the suspension grid whole without breaking them, making palletizing easy but it can also be used from the floor increasing productivity and keeping your workers safe.

“By using the Suspended Ceiling Tile Removal and Recycling Tool, tiles are able to be removed whole which helps in stacking the material on pallets for pick up. Broken and damaged tiles make it more difficult to achieve a stable load which can lead to the shifting of the load in transit and increased costs of unloading the truck.”

— Keith J. Lindemann GA-C
Installation Systems & Recycling Specialist-West
Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls



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