How it Works

Sabertooth™Make your next interior demolition job safer and faster with new SaberTooth™ Bolt and Wire Cutter tool designed by Professional Engineering Company, Inc.

The Sabertooth® Bolt and Wire Cutter cuts Jack Rod or 1/4″ threaded rod used for suspended ceilings, sprinkler pipes, HVAC, cable trays and plumbing, safely from the edge of the ceiling opening without climbing on top of it, allowing plaster to simply be pushed down to the floor.

Using Sabertooth® is easy as 1,2,3!

  • Mount the Sabertooth® bolt cutters on the end of the lightweight 7 foot fiberglass pole
  • Position the Sabertooth® bolt cutter jaws between the wire or bolt using the patented guide
  • Pull the sliding handle to cut the wire or bolt

With the Sabertooth® patented wire feed design to easily guide the bolt or wire at a distance and it’s lightweight yet durable 7 foot fiberglass pole there’s no climbing, and no struggling with metal support bars.

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